Palliative and End of life care

Palliative care supports people living with a terminal illness where a cure is no longer possible and for people who have a complex illness and need their symptoms controlled to achieve the best quality of life.  Although these people usually have an advanced, progressive condition, this isn’t always the case. Our service is aimed at supporting our Service Users in treating or managing pain and other physical symptoms. It also help with psychological, social or spiritual needs. Palliative care includes caring for people who are nearing the end of life. This is known as end of life care.

End of life care is an important part of palliative care for people who are nearing the end of life. End of life care is for people who are considered to be in the last year of life, but this timeframe can be difficult to predict. End of life care service aims to help people live as well as possible and to die with dignity. Care during this time may include additional support, such as help with legal matters. End of life care continues for as long as you need it. 

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Our mission is to support vulnerable people to maximise their independence.

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